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Oracle’s Study on “The New Retail Democracy”

If you think the democratization of retail is far-fetched, think again. Oracle surveyed 4,500 adult consumers worldwide and found that having input in the retail process from sourcing to shipping is becoming a primary goal for the majority of people questioned. The consumer wants to initiate decisions concerning the supply chain—where to buy, ship, pick up and return orders; they want to determine merchandising operations—ethical sourcing, price, delivery times and item availability; being able to sell their...

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In-Store Marketing for Maximum Effect

In-store marketing and merchandising can have a direct impact on sales. With online retailers making some very exciting and engaging presentations to potential buyers, physical stores need to step up to the plate. With four out of five purchases still made in the store, retailers need to focus on merchandising, kiosks and displays, which can serve as real attention-getting devices that draw customers in and tell a story. A SymphonyIRI study found that by combining displays with product marketing, 84% of...

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A Value-Added Salesperson: Mannequins Make a Strong Comeback

There is little that is more relevant to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience than seeing the latest fashions prominently displayed on a mannequin. No matter how slick or sophisticated online shopping sites portray their wares, few things come close to seeing the cut, style, even the feel of fabrications and outfits on a life-sized model. Mannequins came into use about a hundred years ago and have reflected the cultural times and consumer society throughout the decades. Starting with the headless upper...

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Why a Professional Fashion Trend Analyst is a Necessity for Every Retailer

Do you recall the Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture runway show, held on July, 4th, 2010 in sun drenched Paris? I do. I wrote a trend report around it. A fabulous, riotous explosion of flowers; an overflowing bouquet of bold and brilliant colors, textures, layers, ruffles, gathers and delicate fringe.  Breathtaking gowns meticulously crafted, exploiting ostrich feathers and tiers of organza and tulle. Voluminous ball gowns with huge, extravagant A-line skirts and off-the-shoulder fitted bodices that seemed to float down the...

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Top Ten Trends Discovered in Luxury Boutiques Worldwide

Yes, we all love to travel. Racing to the airport, then the delays. The passenger sitting behind you on the plane coughing on your neck, the (shudder) airline food, the luggage conveyer snake swallowing your new LV suitcase. But let’s stop right there. There’s no need for you to budge from your desk. I have brought the top ten international fashion trends directly to you. Uncovered in the most chic, luxury boutiques across the globe, stunning...

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