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Cultivating the Well-Trained Staff

The first step in acquiring an accomplished staff is their hire, in the first place. Retail Staffing Firms are already equipped with the necessary knowledge of store operations. These firms can integrate with your company so they can quickly find the right people. They also have the experience and expertise to help stores think strategically about their hiring, as far as the type of people being sought, where to source them, and how to hire the best people for the...

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Sales Manager: Leading the Team and Driving Sales

Sales managers are the charismatic, analytical experts who know that selling products  is simple. But bringing the necessary elements together to make it happen can be complex. So, they use their managerial skills and insider know-how to motivate their team and deliver consistent customer satisfaction.    Job Description Sales managers typically have 1 to 5 years’ sales experience. Their responsibilities are varied. Sales and customer service - Negotiate discounted sales prices for major accounts and forecast monthly, quarterly and...

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Assistant Store Managers: Climbing the Ladder to Retail Success

Assistant store managers act as an intermediary between team members, management and customers. Their customer-focused vision and managerial training ensure a positive shopping experience. As the “right hand” of the store manager, these dedicated professionals are a combination of technical wizardry and relationship-building mastery.     Job Description Assistant store managers typically have 1 to 3 years’ sales experience. Responsibilities include creating marketing deliverables to increase sales, assisting with in-store merchandising and maintaining inventory. Customer-service skills entail helping customers...

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Sales Associate Careers: Promoting the Company’s Brand and Generating Profits

Sales associates are the first people we see when we enter a retail establishment. This entry-level position plays a pivotal role in the business’s success. As they assist customers, they represent the company’s brand, establish long-term relationships and directly contribute to the store’s revenue. Job Description Sales associates are found in the retail industry, a sector of the marketplace that encompasses a wide range of operations. In general, retail is associated with online shopping...

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Skills Acquired in Retail Jobs

The skills obtained while employed in a retail position will escalate ones value for future success. The three most valuable abilities acquired while working in retail are customer service, computer skills and multitasking. However, applying for jobs can be time consuming and frustrating. By working with a knowledgeable staffing agency, your job hunting process becomes more productive. Customer Service Skills  Jobs in retail are among the most challenging positions a person can have. Dealing with daily customer service issues,...

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