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Prepping for Generation Z

The big furor over the past couple of years has been all about Millennials, and even though Millennials occupy the largest demographic of any generation, it’s getting to be old news. Retailers need to get ready for the new generation of consumers: Generation Z. This is the group that was born between 1996 and 2010. The Wharton School Of Business calls them “Millennials on Steroids.” Millennials prefer to spend money that’s focused on experiences rather than ...

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Will Your Store Be Around in Ten Years?

With market shares getting smaller and greater concentration on ecommerce, what are the chances of your store’s survival in these turbulent retail times? First of all, the most successful stores have established such a strong brand identity and niche, and have attracted such a loyal customer base, that competitors might find it difficult to duplicate. Wal-Mart, L.L. Bean, Costco, Whole Foods, Apple, Amazon, IKEA and Subway are but a few of the retail stalwarts who so far...

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