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Milan Fall RTW 2014 Fashion Trend Runway Report


Italy, the home of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. There really is a good reason why Italians are considered the greatest designers in the world. The Milan Fall Ready-to-Wear fashion runway shows were a celebration of color, imagination and brilliant design concepts.


Giorgio Armani

Show: Milan, 2/24/2014

Let’s start with the Maestro, Giorgio Armani. Luxurious, sensual with a business appropriate edge, a big portion of this collection was in rich grey flannel. The details were in the cuts, tailoring and sophisticated styling. A becoming soft, pale, silvery green was the chic accent color. The silhouette of the trousers was the cut we’re seen everywhere; loose, pleated, with an urbane ease and cropped short. For retailers, remember, when apparel is cut short, for instance the trousers and the dress sleeve length, accessories need to go long, such as tall boots and long gloves. Interesting textures, textiles, and easy elegance for the Master’s collection. Molto polish and molto Armani.

Alberta Ferretti

Show: Milan, 2/19/2014

Precious, exquisite forest pixies, the kind Sir Arthur Conan Doyle poked around in the forests of England searching for in the early 20th century. Alas, Doyle failed to discover the real thing, but here at the Alberta Ferretti show, we certainly have.  Glorious, rich, deep forest tones, foliage that’s come alive as fabric. Gilded tints of leafy metallic in burnished golds and oranges were woven into pleated ribbons and sophisticated feathers. This highly stylish collection proves textile design is an art in itself. The ancient woodland goes upscale. Sign me up for this fairy tale.


Show: Milan, 2/21/2014

Donatella does up-trending jade in the way that Donatella does best; oh so sultry. Pieced with an expertly dramatic bias cut, the dresses curved around the models with a sensuous figure hugging definition. Asymmetrical hems, another must have trend, were spotted flowing over spectacular above-the-knee boots. A slightly 1960’s mod vibe was in the air here. Bold brass buttons highlighted double breasted military style jackets and suits. Sunshine yellow and red mixed with the all-important jade. Who’s afraid of color? Not Donatella.


Show: Milan, 2/20/2014

There were many to-die-for coats seen on the Milan runways, but some of the best were at Prada. The flamboyant rainbow of colorful shearling coats and the German avant-garde geometric patterns, suffused with an Art Deco sensibility made this outerwear must-wear.

Bottega Veneta

Show: Milan, 2/22/2014

Puzzle pieces of color, dramatic movement in pattern, draped Art Deco motifs, geometrics, textures and elegant piecing created lively silhouettes. Colors? Bold purples, fresh yellow, jade green, russet, black and white and wow all over.

Dolce & Gabbana

Show: Milan, 2/23/2014

I’m here to tell you that squirrels are up-trending. Oh, so you think I’m nuts? Well, owls and foxes are up-trending as well. All the cute little woodland creatures were spotted at the D&G Fall 2014 RTW show. If Hansel and Gretel had been sitting in the front row, a riot would have broken out. A folkloric fantasy of fanciful embroideries and appliques covered the enchanting coats, tunics and suits. The great gauntlets and hoods were très Robin Hood, but Instead of coming across cutesy-corny, the look was sophisticated and fun.


Show: Milan, 2/19/2014
Here was another show where the 1960’s mod scene was in evidence. The difference from days gone by? The short, A-lined, very 60’s dresses were crafted in the most luxurious of supple leathers, in baby pastel colors. Velvety butter yellow, new leaf green, baby blue. Knee high, modern go-go boots completed the look. The evening dresses, still short, but with a crystal embedded bib and velvet collar was so au courant, so chic.

Show: Milan, 2/24/2014
Bold color, intrepid accessories and an upscale mod beat styling determined the Dquared2 collection. Bright turquoise, purple, teal and jade offset with a tawny camel ruled the runway. Trims of lush mink and sumptuous furs were in abundance. Opulent and rich.


Show: Milan, 2/20/2014
The truest example of upmarket fur is when it’s crafted to look faux. That’s total luxury. The “I don’t need to announce that I’m wearing expensive fur,” philosophy. Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi worked together to create sophisticated, layered garments, patchwork patterns pieced with segments of fur. The important cocoon shaped coat was seen in a rich chocolate brown, covered in tufts of black fur.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Show: Milan, 2/23/2014
Loads of glamour, movement, animal prints, luxury detailing and such an abundance of texture, mixed extravagant fabrics and elegance at this show. Notable were two of the trends we have been detecting at various collections; plaids and the gradation of color, especially in jackets. Dark to light or perhaps yellow to brown, or black to leopard. So long solid. Hello nuance of shade and pattern. Mixed into the blend were explosions of gold. Elaborate design on an intellectual level.

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Fashion Trend Analyst Diane Weisbeck

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